Ladies Auxiliary

What is the Ladies Auxiliary?


The Three Bridges Volunteer Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary was organized over 80 years ago to help serve the fire company and raise funds for new equipment. 


One of the many duties that the Ladies Auxiliary fulfills is providing food and drinks to the fire fighters when there is a large fire. This will help keep our firefighers going for the many hours it will take to put out these fires. We also assist the fire fighters by holding many fundraisers throughout the year, such as Longaberger Basket Bingos, Roast Beef Dinners, Fish N' Chips Dinners, as well as others.


The Ladies Auxiliary is also very involved in the community. We like to hold events to help show the community that we care and to get them involved with each other. For example, we hold movie nights as well as blood drives for the local community. We also assist with the planning and execution of the 5 Mile Run, held by the Fire Company each year. 


What Do I Have To Do?


Members of the Ladies Auxiliary are required to attend a reasonable number of meetings, as well as participate in a set amount of events each year. Members are also invited to run a committee for an event that they would like to hold. 




Some of the benefits of being a Ladies Auxiliary member are being invited to the annual Firemen's Picnic, the Annual Installation Dinner, discounted rental of the banquet hall, coming to the holiday dinner each December, as well as many others. In addition, you know that you are helping the Firemen who help our community each and every day. 


When are the meetings?


The Ladies Auxiliary meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month (excluding July and December) in the banquet hall of the Three Bridges Volunteer Fire Company Station #1, located at 467 Main Street in Three Bridges. Meetings start promptly at 7:30 PM. 


How Can I Become A Member?


There are a couple of different ways that you can become a member. All members must be seventeen (17) years of age or older. Members do not have to be related to a fire fighter in order to join. If you would like more information about joining, please come to one of our meetings or contact Victoria Maurer at 


Active Membership:


As an active member, you are a full member of the Ladies Auxiliary. This membership entitles you to hold an executive position, have a vote, have discounted rental of the banquet hall and downstairs facilities, access to the Annual Picnic and free entrance for you and one (1) guest at the Annual Induction Dinner. Dues for this membership are $3 for the entire year.


Associate Membership:


As an associate member, you are invited to attend all meetings and events put on by the Ladies Auxiliary. No dues are required for this position. However, as an associate member, you are not entitled to hold an executive position or have a vote. You are also not entitled to discounted rental of the banquet hall and will be responsible for the cost of their dinner at the Annual Induction Dinner. Associate members are allowed to attend any and all picnics put on by the fire company. 


Life Membership:


Any member of the society who has had 20 years of active service or more is entitled to become a life member. This entitles the member to all of the privelages previously allowed of being an active member. Life members are not required to pay dues to the society any more.


Active Life Membership:


Any member of the society who has Life Membership, but chooses to remain an active member of the society is subject to annyal dues. This member must also abide by the responsibilities of being an active member. Active life members are eligible to hold officer positions, provided they have completed two consecutive years of service leading up the the year of the term they wish to serve.


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